Customer Success Manager, MARTECH

We’re pioneering a new category, AI Brand Management, by building the first global brand management platform which brings together deep scientific understanding on how brands succeed and immediately actionable growth-driving guidance. 

What is ProQuo AI? 
With three start-ups created every single second, the environment has never been more competitive for brands. No matter what the brand, ProQuo AI helps them get bigger, faster. 
In a world where there are so many penalty-free substitutes, we’re designed to help our customers be the one that people love and stick with. We do it by maximising the power of their relationships. Our Relationship IP shows you where your brand stands today. Relative to your competition. Relative to what people need from your category. And then we, with our AI, tell you what you should do to maximise your success and consistently grow. 
ProQuo AI is run by people who have built and run hugely successful businesses. This one is disrupting both the Insight and Marketing Consultancy industries, with deep innovation in science, business model and staffing. It is full of people who want to change the experience of building brands for the better, with dedication, courage and conviction. It’s not for the feint-hearted, but it is a lot of fun. 
What is Customer Success at ProQuo AI? 
Customer Success is where we get to the heart of our customers’ brand and marketing goals. We are responsible for ensuring that they are properly immersed in the full value that our platform can deliver and for driving them towards our goals. 
When our customers win, so do we. We’re responsible for developing and maintaining long commercial partnerships. We are focused on maximising the lifetime value of customers, growing the value they get from us and, in turn, expanding revenues. 
We’re on the front line of a fast growth business so cross-functional collaboration is at the core of what we do. We work closely with our Product team to embed as much value as possible within our platform, with Sales & Marketing to refine our ideal customer profile and drive conversion and with Content to develop solutions that support the customer journey. 
Our Customer Success Managers will focus on:  
  • Understanding our customers brand and marketing goals, activities and timelines and what they want to achieve from ProQuo AI 
  • Delivering onboarding and training to new customers and supporting their continuing immersion in ProQuo AI, ensuring that we are firmly embedded in their organisation 
  • Ensuring that our Customers use the platform to its maximum potential to help them achieve their specific goals 
  • Selling new products and features to customers to deliver extra value to their brand 
  • Monitoring signals of churn and taking appropriate preventative actions 
  • Funnelling customer feedback to our resolution team so that we can put processes and tools in place to improve our overall service delivery  
What skills do you need? 
The ideal candidate is an ambitious CSM who is looking for an opportunity to make their mark in a young company. We would love the person who fills this position to have a mix of certain skills and personal attributes. 
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working within Customer Success/ Account Management in a SaaS business   
  • Experience working with customers to solve strategic needs 
  • Experience having commercial conversations with customers
  • Experience in managing a book of 30+ customers  
  • Experience working with brand and marketing managers  
Personal attributes: 
  • You are organised and detail oriented 
  • You are commercially-minded, with the  
  • You are an excellent communicator, with the ability to speak and present credibly at a technical level 
  • You can deal with queries and concerns with lateral thought and sensitivity 
  • You are passionate about brand and marketing 
What can you expect from working at ProQuo AI? 
We are all about quid pro quo. And in the simplest terms, as everyone who works in the business owns part of it, we are all a team in pursuit of fame and fortune! 
We are a scaling business, which means that we expect our team to work and learn quickly, think strategically, constructively discuss ideas and pivot when necessary. We expect you to take accountability for your own work and to help us drive towards our vision with passion and commitment. 
The business has a number of remarkable leaders, and we have courses run by them, to tutor everyone in the business about successfully innovating and running their own, in future – these include the ‘Hotson Hotshop’ run by our CFO covering the strategy and funding required to run a business; ‘Brennan’s Branding’, run by our CRO who introduces how brands succeed; and ‘Pete’s Products’, run by our CTO, which is all about employing technology and AI in innovating and succeeding. 
We can guarantee a fun, lively working environment that is full of passionate, interesting, creative and diverse people. You’ll be at the forefront of innovation in brand management and have the opportunity to work with big, global brands initially, as we progress also smaller, hungrier brands. We’ll listen to your ideas, support you in their execution and give you ownership and credit for your own work. We build together!