Software Developer (includes salaried training)

Opportunity Overview
The Academy aims to uncover aspiring Software Developers with longevity in other careers, and empower them with the right skills through a salaried training programme before transitioning into their full-time roles.
All you need to do is register for our digital skills assessment today (that's right, no CVs here) and consider your application made. No prior workplace experience is required, or even relevant study. 
So, do you have what it takes to improve the world through innovation?
About Us.
route2work is your recruitment and training provider for this opportunity. The team will manage your application & assessment process, and if you’re successful, your training period as well. 
route2work is a digitally-enabled careers development business that finds, trains & places talent from diverse backgrounds into the digital and tech-based roles they were born to fill. 
About the Company
This is a leading UK innovator in science and engineering. For over 60 years we’ve been improving the world through innovation by combining the physical and digital in new ways. We create technologies and products to solve real world technical challenges and help deliver critical missions for our customers.
The Academy Process
1.     Digital Skills Assessment
We look for skills and character over credentials. No CVs here. If you think you have what it takes, register for the short (we promise) online assessment and that's your initial application made!
2.     Virtual Webinar
Once you've registered for the opportunity, you'll be invited to join one of our bi-weekly virtual webinars where you can meet the route2work team, hear from senior leaders and learn more about this programme's requirements to support you in making a better and more informed decision about whether it's right for you. 
3.     Interview & Hire
If you're successful in the digital skills assessment, you'll be invited to a short preliminary interview with the route2work team. If you're a great fit, you'll be invited to interview,  and if successful, will be offered the role and your place on the Academy training programme. 
4.     Academy Phase One: Technical Skills (13 Weeks – Salaried Training)
The first phase of your training will develop all the skills for success as a Software Developer. These include programming languages such as Python & Javascript, programming frameworks such as Dockers, Kubernetes & Node, and methodologies such as DevOps, Agile & Cloud Computing. You'll also learn professional development skills like collaboration, critical thinking & problem solving. On successful application to the training programme you will start life as an employee with a competitive salary plus pension for the duration of the training programme.* Our virtual webinars will provide full curriculum detail.
5.     Academy Phase Two: Embedded L&D (11 Weeks – Salaried Training)
The second phase of your training will see you apply the skills you've already learnt to live projects and solving known business problems. You'll embed your knowledge and understanding whilst preparing to transition into your full-time role as a Software Developer.
On successful application to the training programme you will start life as an employee with a competitive salary plus pension for the duration of the training programme.* Our virtual webinars will provide full curriculum detail.
6.     Deploy
On satisfactory completion of the training programme you will receive a salary review and enrolment into a generous benefits package. 
What skills do I need to apply?
Due to the nature of this position and the projects you'll work across, We will require you to be eligible to achieve at least SC (Security Check) clearance, and potentially DV (Developed Vetting) clearance. As a result, you should be a British Citizen and have resided in the UK for the last 5 years for SC clearance, and 10 years for DV clearance. The clearance vetting process will take place over the course of your training programme and will be managed by The Employer.
While we are always looking for world-leading engineers and experts, we are interested in your skills, attitude, thinking and enthusiasm as your grades, work experience and certifications. Below you'll find an overview of the skills & behaviours best suited to becoming a Software Developer.
Don't worry if you can't tick all the boxes, so long as you're passionate, we'll help you unleash your full potential. 

Technical Skills:
  • Programming languages
  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Embedded software
  • Familiarisation with Agile methodology
  • Programming languages: Java & Python
Behaviours & Characteristics:
  • Curiosity & a willingness to never stop learning
  • Self-awareness & humility
  • Resilience, adaptability & focus
  • Customer-centric with a commercial appreciation
  • Strong team-working, delegation & time management
  • Reliable & dependable 
Is this a training programme or a job application?
Quite simply, it's both! If successful at assessment and interview, you'll be hired  and placed on to a salaried training programme to learn all the skills you need to succeed at the business. 
Will I be paid?
Reflecting your existing life skills and competencies, the Academy programme will pay you a living wage of £30,000 for the duration of your training plus enrol you into the pension scheme.
Once you graduate the academy and move into a team, you will receive a salary review of up to £45,000, plus enrolment into the full generous benefits package. 
When do I start?
The  Academy begins on 11th July 2022. All applications must be made by 16th May 2022. Final offers will be made by 1st June to allow for those already in employment to fulfil a 4-week notice period before the programme begins.
Does my location matter?
Whilst the training programme is delivered virtually for the most part, you will be expected to attend workshops and events at offices in Woking and Romsey. Once you've completed your training, you will be working full-time in the Woking office. 
Ready to accelerate your career in tech and become a  Software Developer?
Contact and request the link for the assessment.