Devops Engineer HUB

DevOps engineers are responsible of automating infrastructure, implementing continuous integration, and training the team in DevOps best practices to achieve a continuously deployable system. They also understand the software development lifecycle and has the outright understanding of various automation tools for developing digital pipelines (CI/ CD Strategy).
Main Requirements
  1. Intermediate English level
  2. Systems engineering bachelor’s degree or related
  3. Intermediate knowledge in cloud platforms (e.g AWS. Azure)
  4. Basic Docker knowledge
  5. Advanced knowledge in Infrastructure as Code (e.g Ansible)
  6. Intermediate experience in Continuous Integration and continuous delivery strategy (CI/CD)
  7. Git workflow knowledge
  8. Basic knowledge Sysadmin and Netsec on Linux Environment
Desirable skills
  1. Fastlane
  2. Python
  3. Gradle
  4. Monitoring tools (e.g grafana, prometheus, elastic)