Concept Art Director (game studio)

As the Concept Art Director, you will collaborate closely with other creative leaders to create and communicate the artistic vision of the products to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that other developers have a clear, concise artistic vision to follow in crafting game levels, environments, props, and characters.
  • Translate style guides and reference material into meaningful direction and tasks to the team then reviewing the submission, providing meaningful feedback and practical guidance to achieve the final result.
  • Build, grow and mentor junior and senior team members.
We are seeking a professional who is:
  • Excellent artistic skills with a strong grasp of composition, anatomy, color theory, perspective, lighting, environment, architectural, character, costume, and graphic design
  • Proficiency in life drawing as well as a strong imagination and innovative concepts
  • Experienced in managing junior and senior 3D and 2D concept artists to engage in game projects
  • Effectively lead the communication with clients about artistic and technical matters
  • Expert in defining technologies to pursue and establish Art production pipeline in coordination with clients
  • Participated in recruitment and training of new talent
  • Solid experience creating concept art for AAA and high-profile video games
  • Leadership experience is highly preferable
  • Proven ability to articulate a game project's art goals, and lead the team to meet objectives to fulfill those goals
  • Ability to organize and assign tasks to the team as well as manage priorities with a proactive, self-starting, and can-do attitude.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English with the ability to foster a positive critique culture.
  • Ability to train team members on specific skills and a willingness to learn new skills and techniques including proprietary software.
  • Expertise in foundational artistic skills, with expertise in composition, rendering, anatomy, color theory, perspective, lighting, environment, architectural, character, costume design, Industrial design, and graphic design as well as StoryBoard.
  • Expertise in industry-standard 2D applications such as Photoshop.
  • Good knowledge of 3D software such as Maya or Blender, for game art production.
  • A good understanding and proficiency of Photography with an emphasis on composition, depth of field, lighting, and color.