Senior Manager of Financial Reporting and Advisory Services

The Role

Treewalk is looking for experienced CPAs who are committed to continuous improvement and are keen to make an impact in their next role. As a Senior Manager, you will be working directly with publicly listed companies who are looking for experienced professionals they can lean into for support.

You’ll be working with a team of CPAs to provide financial reporting services to clients. You will own the process financial reporting process from bookkeeping through to financial statements and SEC filings. From there, you will be working with clients to support the finance function as whole. This might look like assisting in the listing process, budgeting and forecasting, supporting clients completing financing and process improvements.

Personality profile

We are looking for a planner. Someone who can help put structure and systems to our goals and help translate all of our discussions and ideas into actionable and practical plans. Specifically,
  • You are very deliberate about how you think. You heavily rely on logic and analysis, strive for objectivity, and are more methodical and process-oriented than spontaneous when reaching decisions and making choices.
  • You are detailed and reliable. You tend to be orderly, planful, and detail-focused, as well as organized and reliable in meeting commitments and deadlines.
  • You are nurturing towards others. You have a strong desire to support others’ needs, are in touch with people's emotions and feelings, and attuned to their behaviors and tendencies.
  • You are super composed. You tend to remain calm, confident, and controlled under stress or pressure.
  • You are determined. You work hard to go after ambitious goals, push through to accomplish what you start, though may be less active in seizing new opportunities outside of what's already on your plate.
  • You are flexible. You take a strong interest in your own growth and development, are versatile at shifting the roles you play in different circumstances and are reasonably comfortable in environments with high degrees of change and ambiguity.
  • We can leave you to operate autonomously. You are independent, self-motivated, and hold yourself accountable for outcomes you experience.

What Will Your Days Look Like?

As Senior Manager, you will be responsible for our most complex clients that require managing multiple staff at Treewalk and potentially internal staff at clients to close books and records and report financials timely.
  • Serve a portfolio of clients as the primary contact for financial reporting and finance related services
  • Identify significant accounting and/or audit issues, propose courses of action and liaise between the client and the auditor to resolve issues
  • Review and provide feedback on working papers, 10K and 10Q filings as prepared by the team
  • Communicates areas of control deficiencies or process improvements to clients
  • Ownership for timely completion and filings for publicly listed companies
  • Provide mentorship to CPAs and students looking to continuously improve
Our Ideal Candidate…
  • Certified Public Accountant, minimum five years post designation
  • Public company audit experience and considerable experience leading audit engagements
  • Extensive experience in U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) and Financial Accounting Services Board (FASB) rules and standards
  • Strong understanding of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requirements and experience with the COSO framework
  • Knowledge of SEC rules and regulations over financial reporting
  • Natural leader who demonstrates ease in the facilitation of decision making and management client expectations
It’s Treewalk For a Reason
  • We will cover your CPA schooling, annual dues, and professional development courses. Better yet, we do not have a claw-back policy - if you decide to leave Treewalk at any point, we will never ask for that money back.
  • We provide in-house professional development training
  • We’re flexible – we treat our team members like professionals and give them autonomy to exercise their judgment and manage their schedules as they see fit. Get that workout in, run those errands – we trust you to manage your workload and meet those deadlines.
  • We keep it fun! We encourage social activities outside of work, have company initiatives to keep you engaged with your peers, and have great technological tools to keep you connected.
Who We Are

Treewalk (previously known as ACM Management) is an advisory practice based specializing in financial reporting and corporate services for public companies. We offer clients a complete service package to assist them in timely and accurate disclosures. Our clients are from all industry sectors and are issuers on the TSX-V, CSE, NASDAQ, and the OTC.

We are one of the fastest growing accounting firms in Canada and the US, and we’ve got some big goals that are going to send us to the top. We are a firm with an anti-firm culture - think tech startup, but accounting. We’re ditching the traditional top-down management hierarchy approach and are leaning into a holacratic system of organizational governance. We are on a journey to become the go-to training place for accountants of all levels who want to work in industry. Our accounting practice specializes in assisting public companies with their financial reporting and accounting needs, and we help private companies navigate the waters of going and staying public. When it comes to clients, we are industry-agnostic. We never shy away from clients in new and emergent industries, and we’ve worked with companies in e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, cannabis, mining, and biotechnology, to name a few. We’ve got a lot on the go, and as far as we’re concerned, the only barrier to reaching our goals is finding exceptional talent to keep building out our team.
Our Core Values

Mastery: At Treewalk, we pursue knowledge. We aspire to be the best at our craft, and we create and pursue opportunities to build on our expertise.
Support: At Treewalk, you're never alone. Teamwork and collaboration are our bedrock, and constant support for each other and our clients is what sets us apart.
Ownership: At Treewalk, we fight to take responsibility. We own our mistakes and oversights, and are relentlessly committed to our responsibility to our colleagues and our clients.
Kaizen: At Treewalk, we don't settle. Kaizen is a business philosophy that means "change for the better", or "continuous improvement". We recognize that nothing is perfect, but we're striving for it anyway.

Salary Range: $120,000 - $160,000 USD